Do You Need a Health Check?

When we’re young, we often think that we’re invincible. This sense of being bulletproof does come with a cost, though. Even though we might be healthy and fit when we’re young, we will inevitably develop health problems as we age and this is when we need to have a general health check. For those who have always thought of themselves as being bulletproof, the thought of going to see the doctor for a check-up might seem positively strange and some people even actively avoid it.

Are You Putting Off Your Health Testing?

The fact is that as we age, we’ll all develop health conditions. Some of them will be minor and others will be more serious. While modern medicine has delivered much in the way of diagnosing and treating many illnesses, it’s not perfect and it’s still important to have regular health checks beyond a certain age.

The biggest issue is that many men simply do not go to their health professionals for a general health check up. In fact, many men avoid it. This poses a problem because many serious illnesses, such as certain cancers, need to be identified early in order for the person to receive the best and most effective treatment. Add this to the fact that we live in a world where our diet and lifestyle is a direct cause of certain acute and chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, and the problem becomes even clearer.

What Does a Full Health Check Involve?

If you’re interested in a seeing your local clinic doctor, a full medical check up in Singapore prices means that you can pay exactly for what you need. So what does a full health check usually involve? Here’s what you should expect:

  • Physical Check: The first thing that your doctor will do is to perform basic physical testing, such as monitoring your heart rate and pulse, weighing you, checking breathing and lungs, and taking your blood pressure. This will also involve asking questions about any changes in diet or aches and pains that might be of concern.
  • Blood Tests: It is also a good idea to have bloods taken. A whole range of tests can be performed during blood screening and can tell a doctor the following kind of information: level of good and bad cholesterol, blood sugar levels, hormone levels, the presence of markers for certain cancers and other illnesses, and STDs. A blood test is useful because it provides health professionals with a baseline of information.
  • Specialist Referral: In some cases, it may be necessary to refer a patient to a specialist for further advice and treatment. Imaging such as ultrasounds and MRIs may also need to be arranged so that further information can be gathered on any potential health conditions.

Early and Often

The truth is that we all have to face up to the fact that we will need to see our medical professionals. If you’ve been avoiding a health test, it’s time to get some answers and ensure that you and your doctors can identify any issues as early as possible.

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